Good Morning World!

It’s morning again and another day. Today I will defiantly be taking some book photos and a couple for my main instagram also. Experimenting with the texts colour, I like the italics because it reminds me of my own handwriting thus making it a little more personal I feel. 

I’m useless at sleeping durning the night, meaning that I can’t… I sleep better in the day with the sun but luckily I had 10 hours sleep last night which makes such a difference. 

Looking at my medication I need to order some more soon which is a pain but after being sceptical (I hope thats spelt right, A* in English and I can’t bloody spell) Anti-Depressants have helped a lot, It’s annoying when I forget to take one but It happens…

Anyway enough rambling for now I need to make more coffee and actually put a bra on (ggaahhhh) Take some photos, for no one but myself. (whoop whoop) I don’t know whether to take a couple of my book photos from my main Instagram and put them on my book Instagram… hhmm who knows. 


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