Good Day!

 I have yet to read this book a lot of people have been going on about this and the author is pretty amazing I do love her work. A Court of Thrones and Roses, A Court of Mist and Fury where two books I couldn’t put down and could read again much like my love of Pride and Prejudice which I have read over 12 times because of the love I have for it. (I am not afraid to read that book in public and laugh, smile away to myself) Anyway, the characters were written well and the describing of them , of scenes wasn’t a lot but just enough to nudge your own imagination. Which I enjoy very much so. 

I lent my Nan those books and I can’t wait to get them back to read and I already pre-ordered the third! which comes out in May. (So long, So very long) 

The best part of booksagraming is that I can use my long hard-earned photography degree (That is said with a small amount of sarcasm) to create beautiful photos and pictures of objects as I am completely s*it at photographying people and find flowers, still life and landscapes more my calling than anything.

On a personal note I had a full on breakdown this morning over money (Oh how a detest thee) I’m out of work because of some bullying problems at the place of work and due to not having my degree in that field I have to finish that before I can get another job… Joys. I have being unemployed its boring and theres only so many things that can be done before you realise you are in fact going stir crazy. 

I broke a nail very far down yesterday after moving a lawn mower and now I have had to wrap it in a plaster (It’s a Hello Kitty plaster I am a very functional adult thank you) 

Whelp that’s enough for now I guess, Have a good day, night, afternoon wherever you are! 


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