I entered a rep search.

 I entered a rep search on Instagram… Why did i do this to myself? I never ‘win’ things and I don’t stand a chance of winning at all! ( I am supposed to think positive right? I need to think I will be a rep, I will be a rep, I will be a rep) ((I swear I saw something similar on a dating advice thing where you are supposed to say you are amazing and that any guy/girl will want you and it works?)) 

Anyway like I said I entered this rep search aaanndddd I have no idea, I am just a tiny person on this social media crap, I won’t amount to anything from this (Or maybe I will, If I become mega famous and rich I won’t forget the people who first followed me and helped me!) 

I’ve entered two rep searches this month already and it’s the 7th but lets see I am sure you will see me ranting or informing what has become of my hopes and dreams of winning something no matter how small, on here when I fins out. 

Okay last blog of the night I am going to read a little before going to sleep, also I stepped on this meal bracelet earlier and hurt my foot a it, but I actually broke the bracelet… It was a thick bracelet too! but I do have strong legs so I guess thats what done it! 

(Edit, After trying to figure out how to set a featured image I finally figured it out, christ of mackerel…)


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