Out of Coffee and Other Horror Stories

I have run out of coffee…. this is a sad day indeed. I have to buy more but the kind I like is only soled in the big grocery stores. Looks like I will be trekking into the big town to buy some soon which I must admit is annoying and time consuming. 

In other news I have busy lately with cleaning out my living space and throwing tons of rubbish and clothes away, this has taken up and awful lot of my time which is both good and bad, I can get my mind off of things but also everything is looking tidier and I have more room! 

Shadowhunters season finale had me like ( AARRRGGHHH, OMGGGG , AAWWWW ,NNOOOO , YYOOUU GO GUURRRLLL) and repeat. The fact that two of my favourite characters of all time, Alec and Magnus from The Mortal Instruments said I love you to each other I can’t get over it , (and probably never will) but also the fact that badass women come in and take out the bad guys like it’s no big deal, males me very happy indeed!!! 

I’m listening to those horror stories on youtube and the creepy stories I can’t help it they are kinda addictive but having two cats that jump on you in the night when they have their mad 5 mins kinda helps with not being scared of things. 

I haven’t much to say and plus i’m getting a bit of a headache so I think I will go lie down and finish listening to the creepy horror stories! 


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