My Soul is Restless

Every so often I find a deep restlessness take over me and I know that it’s my soul needing an adventure, a get away because I can not stay in one place to long. If I do everything in me becomes agitated and anxious because I can’t be ‘bound’ to one place for to long and have that feeling of ‘I can’t get away’ I guess it’s like being stuck in a prison being tied to one place and not having the freedom to just go.

I think this is why I envy those with money, the celebrities, the youtube an instagram stars. Not because they have looks or the stuff they own not really because they are rich but because they have the power to just go. To go anywhere in the world, maybe not whenever they like because I know most do have jobs that need doing and families but they can. No sitting back. I don’t envy the fame and glamour, I envy their travel freedom because they are not entirely free… No one is.

I drew all over myself again because when thoughts of harm come I draw patterns and pictures on myself wishing they were tattoos because even though theres a risk of ink poisoning, It hurts less than the other option.


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