To drink at 3:47pm or not to drink…

I want to try this new drink I got the other day and haven’ had a chance to try bbuuuuutttt it’s only like 4 in the afternoon and I feel very bad with myself if I drink before 6pm when it’s not some sort of special occasion which today is not….

Instead of reading today I have been watch Vampire Diaries, snuggling with my cats and I went to my nans to cook her dinner. So no reading for me today (well unless you count FanFiction which I may have read a couple of chapters of this story…) 

I rreeallly want a good ole’ afternoon tea, sitting with a nice book, fine china and scones somewhere in the warm countryside having zero f*cks about anything and anyone. I haven’t done anything on Instagram today because I can’t be bothered really all this social media is exhausting and after spending time with my over bearing father, I do need a bit of a break from reality.

Any who I will be continuing on my epic rants later I assure you as I am most probably going to try my new drinky thing out and eat some popcorn. I did design some more tattoos earlier….

Maybe i’ve picked the wrong career and I should become a tattoo artist?! meh oh well. 


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