Life Rant

Follow the annoyingly long road…

Is that a word? I don’t know but it’s currently 9 in the morning and I have been up all night with my dreams again (maybe I should start  dream blog page…hhmmm) Anyway I have been doing my childcare course for well 2 and a half years now because the first half a year a tutor messed up my work, then for 5 months I didn’t have a tutor and then when I got one I was told that everything had to be re-done… So here I am with my last 9 reflective accounts and the promise of a certificate in just over a month. It’s been a long road, stressful and hard but I am here. 

Talking with my tutor yesterday she said a lot of learners would have walked away by now and gone ‘Nope I’m done’ and believe me i have most defiantly thought that. (Try a 500 page unit that you completed only to get deleted the day before the deadline and had to spend an entire Sunday re doing..) But I said to her, “A couple of things, I’m stubborn and giving up for real has never crossed my mind, I will bitch and moan until the cows come home but I will keep going until it’s done and the second is that my family have said to me “You have come this far what’s the point in quitting now?’ which is true because in all honesty I am not giving up now after all the bloody work I have put in to get this freaking qualification! 

Doing these reflective accounts have made me laugh because she also said they are just like writing a story and something clicked because story writing I can do and very well, when she read it over I was met with praise so I guess I am really on a role! (Which means I should probably stop blogging and finish the accounts buuuttt I have had only one coffee this morning and just remembered I need to take my tablet damn…)

Well I may set up a page about the dreams I have had because I am not in the awake enough mood to do and reflective accounts and writing is helping kick-start that I admit. 


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