March 14th 2017

14th March 2017

This is the dream I had last night, well it’s a couple all strung together and even though I would love to write down all the other dreams I had, I really need to sit and do some work after this one. 

So The past couple of nights I have had dreams as if I am watching over everything and am ‘all powerful’ I can control anything and anyone, I can defeat any evil and stop or change things. Last night I was in this room and this Queen was trying to do something evil and with no idea why myself and these other women I was with had to stop her. After stopping her we had to run which is when my dreams start picking up.

We run through corridors and I’m shouting out this spell to unlock doors in this other language ( words in different languages are a whole other blog post…)  They start gaining and a girl comes out telling us to follow her at this point two men have come into our group from no where and as we unlock the last door all these very official looking royal guards are there to stop the Evil Queen lets call her, and the others that are chasing us.

The people I am with and I make it outside and I start crying from relief and hugging people who I guess are my friends in this dream. They all start calling me ‘your highness’

The dream cuts slightly and I am walking in this garden from the same place but it’s now sunset with this tall handsome man, (part of me realises it’s the actor that plays Alec Lightwood in Shadowhunters) We are talking and laughing like old friends and he says to me;

“You will meet them someday, there is someone out there for everyone and I’m sure your soul mate will find you soon”

“I don’t believe there’s anyone out there for me” I reply, “I know there is nothing special about me and I am sure no one on this Earth could deal with me” I am looking up at him whilst we still are walking and I ask “Have you met you special someone yet? Your soul mate” He replies become blurry slightly and he replies with “I don’t know”

So at this part in the dream I am thinking to myself, because in all my dreams I always fully aware that I am dreaming, that I have probably binge watched to many Shadowhunters episodes the day before and really need to get out more…

The dream cuts again and I am sitting on this chair up high with this old lady, she has long silver-grey straight hair and is sitting with me explains to me that the third and final test is ‘Loss of something loved’ she tells me that it’s because in life we lose a lot of things and people.

“You don’t need to tell me that, out of everyone in this group I understand loss the most I think”

“That’s very selfish but also brave to say that” the woman replies.

“I know it’s big-headed of me…” I start but she cuts me off with, “No I respect you for saying that and I have a higher regard for you”

Next I’m on this wooden platform with the same guy from Shadowhunters and we are talking about guitars, I go over to pick up another guitar but trip (apparently even in dreams I am clumsy) he comes over and asks if I’m okay and says sorry. After that I get up and we are standing on the platform again talking ad standing close before we hear a noise and rush down off the platform to the bottom (I guess where we are is like an old barn but decorated all fancy like) 

This is where the dream gets weird. Like really weird and I am slightly concerned as to why I dreamed something like this when I don’t know anything about it… 

Basically there was this small blonde woman about my age being dragged over to this wall by some bad guys and another man, tall man, he was of the Korean ethnicity. Both only had cloth around them and were chained up, the woman in pink bondage like leashes (I said this is where weird stuff started happening) and the man in black bondage leashes I didn’t recognise him until he turned his head. In this dream it was like I could see it but I couldn’t move to stop it only scream and shout as they were zapped and tied up. Nothing else that horrid happened but then the dream skipped and both were free, someone ran over to the woman and started holding her and I ran over to the man and held him whilst we both cried. Both had scars and the woman and the man I held were covered now.

Then the dream ended, what any of this means? I don’t know… but the last part of my dream really shook me up.


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