Life Rant

Cats & Plants a flower blog

I buy nice plants to make my house lovely and beautiful and then water them only for my darling, demon cats to eat them, dig in them and play with them. What even is this? Is nothing safe?

The answer is no… as long as I have cats they will continue to mess with my plants but you take them outside only for one of them to attempt to eat poop.

That’s that mini rant over and now on to the fact I have nearly turned my bedroom into a florist shop because I am acquiring a little to many flowers and plants for the room. I went out to my garden and picked some daffodils that are nearly at the end of their life because if I ever want to pick a flower I will only pick it when it’s starting to wilt too much.

Good news my pink Camellia is coming out in bloom and is huge this year! Even my red one looks a bit bigger and has a few flowers however my next door neighbours kind of trampled all over it… Not amused one bit!

This is a very bitty blog today but I am sleepy and have been doing cleaning (it was bathroom day! mine and the cats!)  as well as the last few bits of my course, taking photos so I’m feeling a bit all over the place. (Guess it really does show)

I have Oscar curled up behind my head right now sleeping, he’s so warm he’s like a hot water bottle! Anyway time to end this here I wanted to post something even if it was small as I’m trying to write everyday.



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