Work and Studying

Bibbity Bobbity, I need a job.

Oh wow I have not blogged in ages my goodness, it’s ben a week. Basically I have been attending job interviews here and there and the anxiety has gotten to me a bit, it’s always nerve-racking going into new situations and leaving your comfort zone and my comfort zone is very small at times. I have had a job offer, a second interview next week and another interview today which I only have two hours before I need to start getting ready for it.

It’s not as if I don’t want a job, I do. I enjoy my job and working with the children but it’s the interviewing process I kinda wish I could avoid. (The in person aspect of it)

I want to write a bit more about a different topic so I’ll probably end up posting another entry later about the other things that I have on my mind today, mainly this whole bookstagram thing which I don’t understand why I am so het up about it. Maybe because it’s another subject I love and want to do well in but I have 50 followers and all that. Stay tuned for more of my incessant dribble about why ‘it’s not fair’ and see my throw my toys out of the pram! (Man I wish I could have a code for when I’m being sarcastic it doesn’t have the same effect when you type)

I could start YouTube but let’s have one thing at a time right?


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