Life Rant

Crazy Cat Lady and XXL Shirts

Well I haven’t blogged a couple of days but I have been attending job interviews and I got the job I really wanted! Well the place I really wanted which was amazing, the children and staff were all so friendly and kind. I had a trail and honestly I was exactly how I expected somewhere to be you know?

Today I was supposed to go and look at the cat I rescued a couple of weeks ago as I want to adopt her, I must be crazy wanting three cats but I have seen this cat a few times the past year and finally I was like okay she needs help as she looked sick. When she was put up for adoption I was like “I need her” I have this strong bond to her.

But I got a today before I left saying that the RSPCA couldn’t pick her up from the foster place so I have to see her tomorrow instead, I just want to bring her home with me and love her. I still haven’t picked out a name I have a favourite Clarissa Aeris and then my last name but I also liked Tessa or Nanami maybe Sophie or Sakura.  HELP! aahhh.

I brought I shirt in Primark from the mens section because their shirts just feel more comfy to be honest, it’s XXL and it more like a dress on me but it makes a great night dress I may just go and but some more of these shirts in XXL as they are so good for night dresses!

Well I need to write on my other blog now as I haven’t updated that one either, so bad I know….(I don’t really mean that I just don’t know how to end this right now)

Good Night or Morning!


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