Warning; Cat Blog

As the title suggests this post will be in face about my cats because in all honesty all three of them have not followed the set way in which countless cat blogs, experts and animal experts have told me.

Lets start with Isabella Millie;

Isabella Millie

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


In December of 2015 I lost my cat Taffy after having her 17 years, she was also the runt of the litter and longest surviving also (GO TAFFY!) Taffy is pictured above in the Halloween collar…

I was heartbroken until the end of January when a friend from work said she had found a cat who was a stray, 3 months old Bella was when she came to me and I thought oh she will run and hide from me etc but no she followed me everywhere, wouldn’t leave my side, cried if she didn’t know where I was until I would call her name and she would come running to me. To this day it is the exact same, everywhere I go she will follow me any room no matter what. Also morning times when I have my first coffee in bed, Bella will always sit on my lap and cuddle this is dubbed “Mama & Bella Time”.

Anyway fast forward to October 2016, I always said I wanted three cats, always and I had decided on a cat but when I reached the adoption centre he wasn’t able to be taken because he wasn’t able to go to a home with another cat, I was heart broken pretty much but none the less Oscar found me.

Oscar Eugene

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Small and cheeky he tried to escape when the door was opened as well as his brother who was also there with him but his sister stayed put. So I bring him home, put him in the bathroom and guess what he does? gets under the floor boards, great start. He hides for about 11 days still eating, exploring and using the toilet, all this time I have Bella in the room with me and the door locked (Bella isn’t much of a ‘night pooper’ she goes normally during the day so it wasn’t much of an issue) This carries on until the 9th day when I go ‘I’m going to open all the doors and let them walk around see what happens because it seemed right, this happens and on the 11th day Oscar comes out gets stuck in a box of xmas decorations that are under the stairs and so I had to rescue him with Miss Bella there supervising. She goes near him and then next thing both are sleeping in bed with me that night. All these blogs about slowly introducing your cats I honestly felt like a failure I mean why?! My cats are just as awkward as me and clearly don’t follow a distinct pattern. Now Oscar is a right Mama’s boy and will cuddle with me, and only come to me and he makes a good watch cat anyone who is new he will watch and stalk to make sure they are in check.

Right now on to the newest edition;

Clarissa-Emma Emiko

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 18.49.24

This girly I rescued the other week and when she was cleared for adoption I adopted her yesterday! The lady said she’s very shy and will hide for a couple of weeks. Well guess what? That didn’t happen. Last night this little one started crying in her safe room, I went to go in to check on her and she ran out into my bedroom, guess who was in there? Yes Oscar and Bella, it was hard and I admit I freaked out but both cats were pretty okay Bella would hiss but it was more like a ‘Who are you?” and “I’m the boss” which is still happening poor girl wouldn’t go near Oscar but he follows her everywhere checking and everything.

Now all three cats are roaming about the house together Bella still unsure but she is older and more of a loner to be fair typical Alpha cat. Oscar is with Clary making sure nothing intoward happens. They have eaten together and when I came home today Oscar and Bella are sleeping on my bed and Clary underneath. Basically I know once is a fluke but twice?! Can I call myself a cat queen now? Just kidding.

So that’s it i wanted to get my utter shock over and done with.

Good Night or Good Morning!


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