Hiyo Darlings!

Firstly I’m Rebecca or Becca or Bex and depending on how close friends Your Majesty (I’m totally kidding with that one)

I am 22 and live in London with my two cats Isabella Millie (Bella) and Oscar Eugene (Just Oscar or Poopsie). I enjoy photography, painting, writing and reading bits and bobs. I love plants and hopefully will gain more in the next year! Wedgwood china.

I haven’t had the best life but am thankful on how much I have been able to travel in my 22 years and the people I have met as well as the open mind traveling and exploring has taught me. Some dreams of mine have been to become a famous writer and encourge minds of those who, like me, have a season ticket to Hell.

Last year I went on medication for depression and anxeity, I’m not afaird to talk about it because as Albus Dumbledore said “Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name inceases fear of the thing itself.”

I’ve waffeled on to long now and if you have read this then thank you, have a good day!


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